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Welcome to Big Think Web Design and SEO!

We’re based in the heart of Hamilton in New Zealand, and we make special money-making machines for our clients that we like to call ‘websites’. You may have heard of them.

This hamster made his owner super-rich
This hamster made his owner super-rich using websites

We believe that a website exists for one reason, and that is to make the owner of the website more money. Even those silly websites showing videos of cute hamsters eating miniature burritos! Silly they may be, but they make silly amounts of money too.  Even if a website doesn’t sell a product or service, it still has ads on it – and that makes money. Web traffic is like a crowd of people, just online, and every shop wants to open shop where all the crowds of people are walking past. Thats how capitalism works!

Touch base with us so we can make you awesome-looking websites, and then flood them with crowds of digital people. The perfect recipe for any industry!