Welcome to the Big Think Agency! SEO and Web Design


Our Web Design Is SEO.

We’re based in the heart of Hamilton in New Zealand, and we make special money-making machines for our clients that we like to call ‘websites’. You may have heard of them.

We are not just another web design company that does SEO on the side – a mere ‘upsell’. We are an SEO company who does SEO-based web design as part of the SEO process. SEO should never be an ‘added extra’, it is everything. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, did it really make a noise? If you invest in a very expensive website but it never gets much traffic, will it make an ROI?

SEO is not just our central focus, it is the underlying principle of everything we do.

Our web design is simply the first step in the SEO process! 

Websites Exist To Be Seen

We believe that a website exists for one reason, and that is to make the owner of the website more money. Even those silly websites showing videos of cute hamsters eating miniature burritos! Silly they may be, but they make silly amounts of money too.  Why? Because they get seen. That hamster video (embedded on various websites) has more than 9.7 million views, think of the ad revenue that guy has made! Traffic converts directly into cash, even (or especially rather) for silly hamster videos.

Even the hamsters are online to make money!

Even the hamsters are online to make money!

So you see, even if a website doesn’t sell a product or service, it still has ads on it – and that makes money. Web traffic is like a crowd of people, just online – and every shop wants to open shop where all the crowds of people are walking past. Thats how capitalism works!

Getting your website on the front page of Google for high traffic keywords is like getting a physical shop on the main street of town. This ‘digital real estate’ is of as much value as any physical shop, considering the direction this generation is taking towards getting online. People practically live on their phones, which is one reason why all our sites are fully responsive, i.e. mobile friendly. We do it for SEO purposes too, since Google wants everything to be mobile-friendly.

Touch base with us. If you’re going to have a website made to generate leads for your business, it might as well be made for SEO right from the beginning. We’ll make your website like a busy shop on a busy street. If you already have a website thats not a problem at all, we can help you rank that too. Let us know your situation and budget and we’ll give you a free quote of what we can do for your business.